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About Ferris® – Made in the USA

Ferris®  has a long history of quality and innovation. They recognize that their reputation for reliable and quality products would not exist without a dedicated and talented team of people behind them. Their state-of- the art manufacturing facility is located in Upstate NY. Ferris’ continued commitment to reliability and innovation has defined the company as a leader in the commercial market.

Ferris designs its commercial landscaping equipment to help you get more done with greater ease.

With the industry-leading innovation: the first multi-patented suspension system for the riding lawn mower, making it possible to cut faster – not slow down – even on uneven terrain. Because they designed the cutting mower deck to respond in harmony with the suspension, you have greater control to get perfect stripe lines and a beautiful, level cut in less time. That alone puts a Ferris zero-turn mower in a class all by itself.

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Ferris Zero Turn Mowers

About Husqvarna – From anything to everything

Husqvarna, the global leading producer of outdoor power equipment. Their products range from residential to commercial and from big to small. Their quality built machines come with mowing deck warranties of 3 years, 10 years and in most cases lifetime guarantees.

Technology is not something they shy away from. Husqvarna has models with SmartStart® which is a push button feature instead of using a key. No more lost keys or damaged starters from over cranking.

Husqvarna’s most exciting product is the AutoMower®. It’s the world’s first Robotic mower that maintains your grass with precision and reliability. Rain or shine your lawn will look perfect all the time. For more than 20 years Husqvarna has been perfecting the AutoMower® with features that no one else has touched.

Husqvarna Zero Turn Mowers

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